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Viewing of Facilities is by APPOINTMENT ONLY! Please call ahead.

We offer the following:

• Kennel Decks provide cushioning and air flow under your dog for added comfort to lay or sleep on. (Mats are sanitizable unlike fabrics.)

• Exercise two (2) times daily for each dog at no additional charge. We have an off-leash playground offering individual exercise where your dog can play fetch with a staff member. The playground permits the dog an opportunity to get more exercise than simply going for a walk and allows freedom. We also offer restricted exercise programs for the geriatrics or lame pets. Petting time is substituted for felines.

• Additional exercise for a moderate fee.

• Socializing upon request if other pet families are interested in the same service provided we believe the animals are compatible. This service is under strict supervision and we never allow any more than 2 dogs out at a time from different families.

• Disinfect and clean the indoor dog run twice daily; every time your dog goes out to play.

• Heated indoor floors during the winter months.

• Indoor/Outdoor 4 X 20 dog runs.

• Substitute walks or petting time for small dogs, geriatrics, and cats that may not or would not benefit from the off-leash playground.

• Privacy panels to prevent fence fighting and cross contamination.

• Covered outdoor runs for protection from inclement weather that also prevent escaping.

• Fan cooled room to create the proper air exchange required, as well as pet comfort during the summer months.

• Stainless steel diners (bowls).

• Cattery (3 X 10) with multi-level ledges and a window view.

• Air purification system that utilizes the same type of technology NASA uses in their space shuttles to prevent or reduce illness due to airborne viruses.

• We also board birds and rabbits on occasion if you provide the cage.

• Grooming for our guests at reasonable rates (nails, brushing, de-matting, baths, utility cuts)

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We accept Interac, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Cash

Prairie Mountain’s facility is located 14 km South of Saskatoon
on Regina Hwy #11, west side on Circle H Road
Viewing of Facilities is by APPOINTMENT ONLY! Please call ahead

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